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Good Morning 2018!

Happy New Year!

Is there anything better than eating Kiribath (Sri Lankan sweet rice) and drinking a good cup of Ceylon tea, with all the extended family after the holy communion watchnight service at midnight on the new year and then coming home after it’s all over to Mum’s special Love Cake!

Last night amongst getting to have an awesome conversation just like the good old days with Uncle Wilson about the beauty of mathematics and the number infinity, catching up with the cousins and the young ones who suddenly materialise during the holiday season, making dates to visit properly with the oldies who now all have email, trying to tone down my inner penty wannabe as my “cousins” Michael and Angel lead us in beautiful worship, getting dressed up in all our colours and soaking in the plethora of love and affection freely available whenever anyone gives you proper tea, entering into a poignant, reflective three minutes of silence in the darkened room just before the NYE midnight bells rang after a sermon that encouraged us to pray through the Psalms and be aware of the battle that rages…the icing on the cake for me was my cousin Samuel and Jessica’s gorgeous son Aaron who came up to me after the service with his arms wide open for a big hug, and then he said “Aunty So” (for the first time ever!!!) and then he said “Dance?” His smiley face was pure bliss. So I danced with 2 year old Aaron to the music in our hearts for a while in the church hall as the New Year began to roll in all around the world.

The preacher ended the service last night with the Aaronic blessing as we do almost every year and as always I remembered my good friend the late Rev. Ian North who spoke this blessing over us every year at the watchnight service through most of my adolescence…

“The Lord Bless you and keep you
The Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you
The Lord turn His face toward you
And give you peace” – Numbers 6:23-26

I wish you and your family a blessing of peace this New Year

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