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Ready for Summer

Few things in life are more satisfying than getting Theodore Henry (Theo) my Jeep ready for summer. Last night, I packed in my summer beach wardrobe, my bag full of academic reading, beach mats and sleeping bags, blankets, towels and all the essentials to effectively have a hassle free summer on the road at whim without having to think about getting ready for wherever the road is about to take me. Today was a great test of my packing skills! This morning I tested out my packing skills and was happily very impressed with myself! I worked out I still need an esky for food supplies, a flask for tea, and maybe more towels and to roll up the wardrobe of beachy dresses to wear after a swim, rather than fold them to prevent them from creasing. I am grateful to be able to take Theo on these random, spontaneous road trips. I’m starting to think about perhaps a road trip around Australia for a while…I could shoot some stills, maybe shoot some film. Mostly I think I’d like just to drive, and pray and read and let myself feel as much emotion as possible.

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