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Summer 2018-2019

Summer 2018-2019

This summer, like every summer I will take some time away from the hustle and bustle, and retreat to some of my favourite beaches to read, dream, swim, play and pray. In recent years I have been attempting to reduce the amount of time I spend on technology. This is obviously difficult to do in my line of work, and also difficult because I genuinely enjoy the social interaction that a lot of tech affords me with people who perhaps I wouldn’t otherwise be in contact with. So, rather than becoming totally tech-less, I have refined my attempt at tech minimalism, to reduce or eliminate all technology that makes me feel controlled, addicted, or any kind of unhealthy attachment. I’ve made genuine attempts at this, and a big thing that has helped me has been my regular trips to the beach in Theodore Henry my rock solid Jeep Wrangler who recently got a bit of a decking out in the back seats and now has solar powered fairy lights, comfy cushions and blankets and enough basic supplies to last me a month on the road without having to plan too much for a road trip! Theo has been through some major life ups and downs with me, and once again this summer, he will be my friend on the road and on the sand.

I’m looking forward to what the summer brings. It’s different every year, and also the same every year – it’s a rhythm in my life I can rely on. I always know that when spring comes in, every day that I can, I will be on the beach with Theo, watching the waves roll in, and roll out and then roll back in again and do it all over again. There is something amazing and calming, about even something so massive and powerful as the ocean, needing a rhythm and a routine. There is no chaos on the ocean – just a million, or a billion patterns dancing together making diamonds and making peace.

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