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Academic Pursuits

My undergraduate years at UNSW were a bizaare combination of ridiculous late nighters/all nighters in the computing labs with a bunch of techo geeks and long lazy days in between lectures and tutorials on the sand 4 minutes up the road from the university at Coogee, Bronte and Tamarama Beaches doing our “readings”…cramming in all that neural networks, machine learning, distributed database development…whilst sitting on the sand, eating our grapes and gazing happily out into the big wide open…

This was where I first began to think about learning. Here on the Eastern Beaches of Sydney, I learnt more than I ever did in any classroom or lecture hall. I searched for answers, searched for God, searched for purpose. I took beach philosophy 101, beach philosophy 102, beach philosophy 103, beach philosophy 201.1, beach philosophy 301 and even post-grad beach philosophy… I studied each new experience with an intensity that could have detonated any university exam. University for me, was a probing and sometimes painful search for the wisdom that would lead me to “wide open spaces and room to make the big mistakes…” (The Dixie Chicks). This was where I first began my long and convoluted journey to find a place of freedom and of peace that I would later begin to call “back home…”