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Pro Patria

For my country should I die
Do not think this is goodbye
Because my dear I’ll love you still
Be it heaven or hell or earth, I will
Long for you by day, by night
Yearn for you with all my might
One day you’ll see, we’ll meet again
An answered prayer, praise God, Amen!
But, today dear, I must go
To win a war, I’ll have you know
I am a fighter, I’ll survive
I’ll think of you, I’ll stay alive
Your voice I’ll hear to pick me up
Your eyes I’ll thirst when sorrow’s cup
Drowns my soul in human blood
Buries me deep within the mud…

For you alone, I fight this war
This war that stabs my heart, the core
For my country, indeed, a lie
My country does not hear my cry
My country’s love, I cannot feel
My country’s lips, I cannot seal
For my country, I do not care
Because my country does not bear
The pain I see inside your eyes
But just think, if He could rise,
Then there’s a chance that He will hear
Our prayer, dear God, please keep us near
And if by chance that’s not His will
Remember dear, I’ll love you still
Thus I urge you, not to cry
For my country, should I die.