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London Madness

I can’t honestly say that I love London. However, I do love the sprinklings of bright happy red that are found all over this crazy busy city, colouring in the long and grey days.

We lived there for a short time after growing up in Wales in a picturesque seaside village, where there was lots of green grass, and wide open spaces. London, was a comparative wasteland to a child who loved to play outside in the grass and the sand and make flowers grow in the garden.

Yet London has its charms, and returning there in August 2008 as an adult, I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty which actually does exist, even poignantly, in this historical city.

For all its madness, going back there brought back a few fond memories of the cockney accent and not understanding it very well even whilst they did not understand my then welsh accent – yet somehow managing to play together in the ugly concrete playground anyway…the red bike that I was given for Christmas one year… walking through a hurricane devastated street in October 1987 with my parents, hopping over broken tree branches, dodging fallen electrical wires and jumping over messy piles of soggy, autumn leaves, just so that they could buy me a gorgeous deep purple velvet dress with white lace, for my 7th birthday that day!