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The Mumbles

Growing up in Wales was a delight, to put it mildly. We lived in the picturesque seaside village of Killay, which remains gorgeous, untouched even twenty years later. In August 2008, I returned there to visit my old friend Emma, who I grew up with, at her parents home in the village. It was one of those magical trips back home that heal your heart and are green pastures in which to lie down. Returning to The Mumbles, in particular was like Gilead’s balm to my weary, aching soul. Searching for a “mother land” – somewhere to belong, has been a chasing after the wind in many ways. All those years in the wilderness, wondering which country am I from and where do I actually belong? Going back to the Mumbles, I realized where “back home” was…and it was of course, where I met my first Love….

Not really on anybody’s land, not really in anybody’s culture, not really in anybody’s country, but there in the water, just off the edge of the nation is where I can stretch my arms out wide and experience an exhilarating sense of freedom and peace. There, in an instant the whole world makes total, absolute sense. That place, is a place where God is real and He is everywhere, loving me, loving you….