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St John the Divine

This amazing church blew my mind. It’s worth going there just to look at it – and the day I went the choir was rehearsing so I was treated to an almost private concert! This was one of my favorite experiences in New York City (so far) – I met about five random strangers on this day – who all told me their stories, and showed me their favorite NYC things – one lovely woman, also a photographer, showed me the garden at the back of St John the Divine – with its very own peacock and red white and blue flowers. I also met a nice man and his girlfriend in a coffee shop, the coffee shop owners, the security guards by the church…then on the way back to my hotel the bus driver let me ride for free, and a I met a research student from Wyoming who explained the public transportation system and actually caught the bus with me, and got off at my stop to make sure I took the right exit home. On the bus – I met a bunch of elderly New Yorkers who talked to me about life in the old days…Big smiles and big hearts all round. It restored my faith in humanity and in this intriguing city. People still have time, even here :)